Q: Are Lentz Guitars available anywhere else other than directly from your site?
A: Yes. You can place a direct order through our website, or you can place an order through one of our dealers. Our dealers are extremely knowledgeable
about every facet of Lentz guitars, and can help get you set up with the instrument that is perfectly suited to your specific needs. In addition, our dealers
sometimes have our guitars in stock, enabling you to get your new Lentz guitar far more quickly than if you order direct.

Contact one of these dealers to purchase your new Lentz guitar:

Q: What is the build time on a Lentz?
A: Build times for a custom handcrafted Lentz Guitar vary depending on the model of guitar and options chosen. With most guitars, build time
averages three months. When you order a guitar, once the details are finalized, we can tell you how long the build will take.

Q: Do you make your own necks and bodies?
A: Yes. With all of our guitars, we start with raw wood and all final shaping is done by hand.

Q: Who can I contact with questions regarding my purchase with Lentz Guitar?
A: You may reach us via email or by phone during business hours, 8:00am - 4:00pm PT. Mon. - Sat.

Q: Can I order my Lentz with custom options?
A: Yes! Many options are available. Please call or email for details.

Q: What pickups do you use in your guitars?
A: We use Lentz ™and Aero pickups, exclusively.

Q: How do I care for my new Lentz Guitar?
A: Your new Lentz® Custom Handcrafted Guitar will give you years of enjoyment, and we recommend the following to keep
your guitar playing its best:


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